Monday, April 22, 2013

Temptation's Roots. Siren Bandwagon. Soliloquy Against Dowdism. Oust Bullies from Bully Pulpits, Anywhere

Blank verse: Maureen Dowd. *
Siren.  Wisdom UnenDowd,
By whom none are cowed. 

Martial Iambics
Coupled with pentameter: 
Seek the quiet loud.

Soliloquy.  Muser enters stage Left, orates:

Temptation's roots: Media bandwagon.
Lash thyself to the mast, Barack. Stoop not
To base bullying. Let the Sirens whine.

New rule. Let the blowhards blow. Fight them not
On their own turf, despite the old school that
Sees its old crass way as the only way.

Oust bullies from schools, politics, lecterns,
Cast them from government, shadows ka-ching,
Koching up tactics to target voters
Through their gullible Emotional Seats.

Up with Paratge, Malama, and Respect
Revive Equity to its honored place.
Displace with history the abuses
Of the strict liability Law types,
Who pretend Equity has no place in
All just sentencing. Equity balance.

Without Equity, are we crude hammers,
Forcers misusing ideology.
Inequity sensed fosters extremism.

Op-eds? Tempters in print, blare from low road.
We? Recall need for change, how to get there.
Washington cannot change through the old rules,
Where those with vision are forced back in mold
By lame-brains who game own self-interest.

Gun control or terrorism:  Battles of
Ideas fed to the vulnerable 'til
Someone acts on idea, not real vetting.
Colisseum time. Take sides in mayhem.
Enough. Find real facts, find the guilt or not;
Then turn to Equity and its context.
Why fear it? Maureen fears absence of force.
Even the vigorous virtues, David
Brooks, *** must be free of the bully mindset.

Bombers with arms: a gun. Would background checks
Have worked to slow? They with their guilt, we ours.

Outlaw the bully. A vote for change is
Roots redirection. Change partners. Repeat.
No mere cutting in on dances of old.
Edge force-bullies out from anyone's life.


* Blank verse:  See choices at

**  Op Ed, Maureen Dowd --; 

*** Op Ed, David Brooks  --