Friday, March 01, 2013

Medieval Issues Come Again. Talibanic. Adj. Fundamentalist Distortion from the Arabic, Seeker, Student.

Definitions for Understanding Foggy Bottom's Travails:
For Those Who Want to Bring About End Times, Believe it is Here;
and Those Who Say, Huh?

If a candidate, or (belatedly, an elected official, believes, it, we should know it. See End Times

Current partisan disagreements are a revival of old European conflicts that we, as a faraway continent with transplanted people, never went through.  We have no reminders within an easy drive, of earlier era's crusade debacles, slaughters over reformers, slaughters of those who would not voluntarily convert to the militarily overwhelming papal combined with emperor-type forces.  Medieval.  We are in deeply dark ages, medieval debates:  The orthodoxy of crusade, compelled conformity; against the autonomous vetters who disagreed.  America:  isolated from its roots in millenia of religious mayhem, like children forcibly deprived of the crawling stage, sometimes have to go back and do it, before able to walk effectively as a population. 

How to understand the process entangling us now? It is easy to see the process in other religious traditions:  we profess the aghast response at the force of a Taliban militia conservative force compelling their view of their Document in Chief.

Apply it at home.  We are as human as they.  Would high level, multi-approach religious vetting help, or is the mindset of absolutism too entrenched, the lust for crusade launched by the popes after the schism from the Byzantine in the 11th Century, still with us.  More.  We lost those crusades, mostly, caused mayhem, but it was fun.  Is that It?

1.  Talibanic.  adj. From the Arabic, Taliban, from talib, student., seeker. Description of group so convinced that their adopted interpretation of their chosen form of scripture represents conclusively  a) the fundamental and immutable will of their all-encompassing deity, b) which deity supersedes any other concept of deity,  such that  c) mass murder, destruction of societies, enforcement of hierarchical orders of gender, ethnicity and rank, individual and other group abuse and exploition, including deprivation of basic rights, is d) justified and to be sought, with promise of reward in the hereafter, if not sooner.

In the West, such groups emerge under various designations, Fundamentalist, Evangelical, such Orthodox Conservatives or other factions that admit no evidence of scriptural meaning contrary to the ordained orthodoxy, no facts, no vetting to challenge the authorities chosen as dispositive, and to be obeyed without question.

2.  Talibanic politics.  Noun.  Political positions that reflect orthodoxy-committed mindsets, such that there shall be no compromise based on tendered evidence other than that approved by the orthodoxy, regardless of humanitarian or other impact on those not within the Talibanic group. See self-destruct.