Sunday, March 03, 2013

Beer as religion. If real beer is religion, then what is America's mutt Budweiser?

American Budweiser is no more like the original European Budweis than sodas are to health.  The original Budweis, long history back to medieval times when brewers could be hung for adding foreign matter to the basic ingredients:  barley, hops, and water.  This is just like American Christianity, that is not like the original early-centuries Christian concepts.  People and the institutions they create add their ingredients to serve their own purposes, such as profit, empire, turf, exploitation.

Start with the old Budvar or Budweis, at American Offshoot, fine old European root.  Cindy McCain used to be a beneficiary of the beer wars. See that at and the Cities, McCain, Budweiser.
We understand she has sold her interest, under some cloud, see Is that so?

Point is: Real beer has three ingredients, real traditional beer, dating from wise medieval times and old European controls of the market days, has only three ingredients:  Barley hops water.  Repeat.

1.  Barley,
2.  Hops,
3.  Water.

No rice, no additives to keep the head high, to extend the shelf life. If there is any ingredient of more than two syllables, or any not in the above list, you are not getting real beer.  You are getting an latecomer, marketing strategy American or other kind of mutt.

Mutts are nice, mutts are cheap at the pound, we all can enjoy mutts, but if you want real beer, leave the adulterated Bud and read your labels.  It will cost more, but it may be worth it.  Is that so? Buy cheap, get cheap. Buy junk, get junk.

All it takes is a look at the label.  A real beer, from early European roots, ain't Bud any more.