Sunday, October 28, 2012

Biblical Names. Explore the Begats. Seth?? Come back here!

Billy Graham urges Biblical votes. NYT 10/28/2012, whole page ad.  Go Biblical!  One man, one woman, marriage, et al.

Billy, what the heck is Biblical? What is Biblical (said louder).

Democrats and Republicans want to know.  Moderates in each seem to agree.  Is the Book a conglomeration of sacred songs and stories for the campfire and transmission of culture and concepts: how we got here; each to be tolerated and treated with respect, as moderates propose.  Or is it cosmic teletype so no word can be changed and crusades shall be had to kill off the opposition, as has been the extremist position and that of the institutional major institution..

If it is cosmic teletype, what to do with successive translations with their choices of words and stick language, by unknown wielders of tablet and parchment? So many authors, so little agreement.  All is ambiguous, quoth the sage.  Any who choose one interpretation over another are gross in their Ego.  Life is ambiguous.  Meaning is ambiguous.  Let it be.  Let me be.  Etc.   Billy, see the * below on marriage and wife in the OT, of which there are none.

1. Skip depth, and have some fun with the Bible.

Getting to know you, Begats, and Other People and Places.

Seth, this includes you, so sit still and listen. Seth?  Seth?? Now, where did he go....  Hm. 

Begats. Obama. The name of the mountaintop which humanity, in its common good aspiration, must climb.  Romney.  The river of crocodiles, in the land of greed, where only profit is the saver of lives that count. And Obama begat community, and... and Romney begat further offshore havens while duping the poor servant class below.

Adah - Ornament, one of two women taken by Lameck [no use of term "wife"] son of Metush
[Adam - term does not appear; only "the human"]

Ararat - Curse; name of the hills, plural, on which No'ahh's vessel came to rest

Ashur - Step

Eden - Pleasure

Elohiym - Powers.  At 6:2, the sons of the Elohiym [confirming that the Elohiym were multiple Elohiym, either of both genders and had reproduced, or who reproduced with something-someone else?] "saw the daughters of the human that they were functional and took for them the women from which they chose...."

Enosh - Man[Enoch], son of Shet.  That term has undergone variations in the millennia.  Yes?  No?  No Shet?

Functional - measure of value [no reference to "good"].  God said that creation was functional, not that creation or any part of it was good. Good, then means, in working order, no moral judgment at all. 

Gihhon - Burst, name of second river branching out from Eden, and it goes all around land of Kush or Black

[Helper - ozr kngdv - helper like opposite him [no reference to "woman"]  Ozr kndgv - helper as in front of him, see www.scripture4all transliteration.

Hhanokh - 1.  Dedicated; son of Quayin;  3.  same name as Hhanokh, Dedicated, son of Yared

Hevel - Empty; Abel; feeder of flocks.  Abel was killed by Cain, which is odd because Cain did what God intended: he was a tiller of the field. Abel went on a frolic of his own, herding flocks (not hunting, just herding, as for food and wool).  God's original ambiguity.  Why did God choose Abel?

Hham - Hot; son of No'ahh

Hhawah - Living [Eve].  Note that Adam, or Adm, merely means "human" and not a male attribute at all.  The first "man" had no name at all.  Was the original human Adm hermaphrodite?  Eve does have a name  -- living.  She is alive, and is that why she is trodden underfoot of those in many ways dead? Is the first Adm quite dead? 

Hhawilah - Twisting, name of the land where the river Pishon goes around, where there is gold, amber, and the stone of the Shohan

Hhideqel - Rapid, name of the third river branching out from Eden, going eastward of Ashur or Step

Irad - Wild Donkey, son of Quayin, Cain;   Cain's son, Wild Donkey.  Gotta love it.

  • [Human - again note there is no name for the human; and "man" is not used] Job description Gen. 2:25:  
  • The deity-form deposits the human in Eden  
    • a) to serve her and to guard her; and  
    • b) to serve the ground which from there he was taken, Gen. 3:23.  
    • At the flood, YHWH acknowledges flaw in creation, 
      • "I will not again make the ground be insubstantial on account of the human (human violence as trigger for the destruction by water see Gen. 6:11-13) given that the thoughts of the heart of the human is dysfunctional from his young age...."  Gen. 8:21.
      • Accordingly, that covenant for JHWH not to destroy by water again, however, is no guarantee that JHWH will step in to prevent destruction of the earth caused by his flawed creation, the human]
Kena'an - Lowered; son of Hham, Hot; son of No'ahh [Canaan?], became a servant to Shem for covering the nakedness of No'ahh.  There is more to that story than that.  Go into the Mechanical Translation for it.

Keruv - Sword

Kush - Black

Lamekh - 1. Powerful, son of Metusha'el, His death asks; also, see 2. Lamekh, Powerful, same name as Lamekh, son of Metushelahh, His death sends [name appears twice, different spellings of father]

Mahahalel - Praise of El; son of Quenan, Possession, son of Shet.  Shet did good.

Mehhehuya'el - Who Proclaims; son of Irad, Wild Donkey; son of Quayin, Cain

Metusha'el - His death asks; son of Mehhehuya'el, father of Lamekh

Metushelahh -  His death sends; son of Hhanokh who is son of Yared

* Na'amah - This means Sweet, daughter of Tsilah, second woman taken by Lamekh, and sister of Tuval-Quayin the sharpener of metals

No'ahh - Rest; son of Lamekh son of Metushelahh. His sons were Shem, Character; Ham, Hot; and Yaphet, Wonder.

  • And they and their women boarded the vessel at the flood, with allotments of the pure [seven of the man and his woman] and not pure [two of the man and his woman, so polyandry-like?, not polygamy-like?] beasts and the flyers seven of the male and female, with mission:  to keep alive the seed upon the face of all the land **

Nod - Wander; name of nland eastward of Eden [Pleasure]

Perat - Break, name of fourth river branching out from Eden

Pishon - Scatter, name of the first river branching out of Eden. It goes around land of the Hhawilah or Twisting, where there is gold

Quayin - Acquired; [Eve acquired him]; server of the ground; Cain. Acquired?  That is a bargaining concept, a deal made, a purchase, not a duty, not put upon her.  No pregnancy without her will.

Queynan - Possession, son of Shet.  Shet again.

Shem - Character, son of No'ahh

Shet - Buttocks [Seth] son of Human and Hhawah .  So this is what Seth means..

 * Tsilah - Shadow, second woman taken by Lamekh [Lamekh took to himself two women]

Tuval-Quayin - Flow of Acquiring, [Cain = Acquiring] son of Tsilah, second woman taken by Lamekh; he became a sharpener of bronze and iron

Twist yet again - verb for No'ahh having to remain in vessel waiting for waters to diminish. Twist.  Son of Chubby, son of Checker.

Yaphet - Wonder; son of No'ahh

Yared - Descend; son of Mahalelel, Praise of El

Yaval - Watercourse, son of Adah, one woman of Lamekh,  Yaval became a "father of tent and livestock settlers" Gen. 4:20

Yuval - Creek (Jubal?), second son of Adah, a woman of Lamekh.  Yuval became father of those holding the harp and reed-pipe

YHWH - He exists.  Can we all go with that.


* If No'ahh's mission and obligation is to keep alive the seed upon the face of all the land, Gen 7:3, watch out for letting any species die in the zoos for lack of care, or by incursion into or pollution of their habitat, would that be so?  No'ahh, the First Environmentalist. 

Biblical best images:  dove could not find a place to rest the palm of her foot;  the chimneys of the sky opened; the wind of life

Wind of life. Breath.  Soul comes with breath.  Not conception.  Breath.  Consider, Billy.